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Watch an Aurora Live, Right From Your Computer

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is doing something special for people who might not be able to witness an Aurora full-on all the way across the sky. The AuroraMAX project allows anyone with an internet connection to witness the Northern Lights as they happen via a live streaming webcam. The AuroraMAX cams starts streaming live at 12 am EST every ...

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Auroras Over Both Poles As Seen From Space

NASA recently released a set of beautiful photos taken from space in April 2010. Among them was this jaw-dropper. A shot of an active Aurora on both poles of our beautiful planet. Luckily you have to be a little further away to see all of the space junk. EDITOR’S NOTE: Ok, so it’s an artistic rendering. Whatever. Still beautiful. *disappointed* ...

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It Wasn’t A Bad Dose, Dude! It Really Is The Aurora Borealis In Santa Monica

Santa Monica recently held its first GLOW festival on July 19th, an all-night event of media art, performances, music, and sculpture. The most memorable of all was perhaps Usman Haques art installation called Primal Source. It looks like a smaller-scale northern lights, being made up of a large water spray screen that projects light patterns aided by the perfect backdrop ...

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