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Flava Flav Ain’t Got Nuthin’ On This iPad Chain

Twitter user Stammy spotted one of the members of Atlanta rap duo UGLY rocking the hell out of this iPad chain. The iPad in question was playing a music video, we assume one of UGLY’s videos. Yeaaaaaah, booooy! Flav’s famed clock chain might be able to assure that the Flava is always punctual, but it’s got nuthin’ on the promotional ...

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Holy Boner, Batman! 120GB Zune Sold Early

Later today, you’re going to feel the ground shake a little and possible open up in some areas. Don’t worry. It’s just the sound of the earth moving around furiously over news of this 120GB Zune. What’s a Zune? A strange MP3 player from Microsoft that still hasn’t died and a 120GB is due out next week. Now about that ...

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Airport Network Hack Launches The Revolution

Whenever I arrive at an airport, I need to get online right away. It’s not enough they’re overcharging me for my ticket, now they want to charge me $7 for 24 hours of internet. My next flight is in three hours, what could I possibly need 24 hours of internet for. What a rip-off. Thanks to Felix Geisend�rfer of debuggable.com, ...

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