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Halo For the Atari 2600

Halo 2600 goes far beyond any other retro gaming mock-up we’ve ever seen. For one, its actually playable in cartridge form on an actual Atari 2600. Secondly, and even cooler, you can play the game online with a little help from emulation. Developed by Ed Fries, the once vice president of Microsoft’s game publishing division who assisted in the signing ...

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The Exploded 2600 Shirt

Classic gamers demand classic shirts. Get inside your old Atari 2600 with this custom t-shirt that details the inner workings of the first popular home console. Sure, you can’t play classics like Centipede or Pitfall, but you’ll earn some respect the next time you roll up to the arcade wearing this number. At $17, it’s the perfect gift for the ...

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It Takes Two To Make A Thing Work Right

Here’s a DIY system that can only be described as “horrendous.” Someone took a shitty Atari 2600 and shoved it inside a shitty SEGA Game Gear system. Both systems had their flaws, so combining the two should result in a big ol’ shitpile of a console. It uses the Game Gear’s backlit screen and uses the Atari for the actual ...

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