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Dragon BBQ Grill Kicks The Foreman’s Ass

The “Guardian of The Feast” seen above is a dragon-shaped grill and smoker combination designed by Ed McBride. Not only is it a fantastic piece of artwork by a skilled sculptor, it also looks like a great place to cook up some pigs. Just be prepared to pay far out the ass for it. Sold for $65,000 (other units are ...

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Giant Water Clock Proves Time Equal to Money

Water clocks are one of the most ancient time-keeping methods, being employed by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Babylonians, particularly in astronomical and astrological predictions.  The Liquid-Time Sculpture, created by Bernard Gitton, has a more aesthetic function, indicating the time via a complex system of pipes and siphons. A series of spheres down the left side of the sculpture indicate ...

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Woodpixel is your DIY wall art

Maybe an interesting concept, or maybe just another overly-simplistic idea that no one but old school arcade fanboys will buy into. The entire premise of Woodpixel, the 100 x 100 square Scrabble-type board,is that you take 100 different cubes with different shapes of wood on each of the six sides and make your own 8-bit video game character to hang ...

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