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Floppy Disk Paintings

Now you KNOW floppy disks are antiquated. They're now being used as a hip, semi-ironic art form, creating painted portraits of hipsters in their most hipster-y photos. Goodbye floppy. It was nice knowing you!

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Artist Turns Toast Into Masterpieces

I've always had the incessant urge to visit the great museums of the world and just take massive, brute animalistic bites out of the greatest masterpieces ever created. And wouldn't you know it, Edvard Munch's "The Scream" tastes just like chicken! Bwahahah, just kidding. Tastes like toast. DIPPED IN CHICKEN!

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Super Mario Statues Made of Paper Clips

I found it particularly fitting that today we already 'talked at ya' about the magnificently radical Super Mario Papercraft. How perfectly convenient it is that on this same day I would stumble upon a series of Super Mario statues made out of paper clips.

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Creating Art… With Explosions!

Art, subjective as it is, can be created in many forms. While today's artwork frequently utilizes graphic design programs or Photoshop to "touch up" images, this reminds us that there is still room for the good ol' fashioned method of creating art known as "blowing things up."

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The expanding Kinectosphere

Kinect hacks are emerging at a rapid pace; its hard to recall a mass-market gadget so quickly adapted to new uses. As Bruce Sterling points out, Microsoft accidentally invented a primo piece of art-installation hardware. It's this kind of DIY innovation that keeps tech feral.

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Kinect: ready-to-hack gadgetry

The ease with which the Microsoft Kinect can be torn downand the familiarity of the software driving ithas quickly proven a feature and not a bug for hackers. Hacking commercial gadgets is nothing new of course; but the pace at which hacks now appear, as well as the appeal they generate, is something to watch.

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