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Architectural Makeover: Because The Eiffel Tower Is Ugly?

Comparing Seattle’s Space Needle to the Eiffel Tower is kind of like comparing the finest cheddar to Cheese Whiz. The comparison just doesn’t stand. Though if SERERO Architects for the Socit dExploitation de la Tour Eiffel have anything to do with it, the comparison might make more sense than ever before, adding to the concept of remodeling classic landmarks. In ...

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Cabestan watch: A unique new look at time

It’s no secret that we here are fans of finely made watches. The Cabestan design from Vianney Halter and Jean-Fran §ois Ruchonnet is not yet being produced for sale, but makes us watch fans drool at its unique new look at watch design. The pictures you see are a rare few of the Cabestan that exist, with only a few ...

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Tropical paradise on the steppe

By next Christmas Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, will be under a giant, permanent tent. Astana was not even the capital of Kazakhstan until 10 years ago, when President Nazarbayev decided to move it from Almaty. Astana, the new capital, is in the central steppes, where temperatures reach -30C in winter. The new tent will change all that. Covered in ...

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Adam Kalkin has designed a unique and interesting house. The house itself is a rather ordinary two-story house, but what makes it interesting is that it’s completely surrounded by a large industrial shed. The shed was constructed around the house in 2001, and the interior was set up as an extended living space, with a variety of furniture, multiple levels, ...

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