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Apple Unveils Two New MacBook Air Models

After much talk and even more speculation, Apple unveiled their newest line of MacBook Air mini-notebooks at the “Back to the Mac” event today in Cupertino. Steve Jobs announced the launch of two new MacBook Airs, one 13.3 inch, 2.9 lb. model and one 11.6 inch, 2.3 lb. model. These Airs are special though, because they are the first MBAs ...

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AutoCAD Makes a Triumphant Return to Mac

18 years ago, a little application by the name of AutoCAD, also known as Photoshop for engineers, vanished from the Mac platform into the oblivion of Windows PC exclusivity. After almost two decades of avoidance, AutoCAD has finally made its way back onto the Mac OS. The transition to Mac appears to have been a smooth one. The GUIs are ...

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Apple’s Anti-Sexting Patent Says No To Naughty

Apple is taking a stand. No longer will they sit back and let hot, extremely sexy teens send nude photos of each other through their device. Uh-uh, not on El Jobso’s watch. A patent filed in 2008, which only recently fell through the patent office’s crack of approval, describes a system of Text-based communication control for personal communication device. In ...

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Add an iPhone Dock to Your iPad For Real Multitasking

Don’t be fooled. You might think you’re multitasking, but you’re not. At least not effectively. Sure, Apple finally added a “here it is, now please shut up”-version of multitasking to iOS, but what you’re really doing is pausing. You want a true multitasking experience? You’re going to have to take matters into your own hands. This simple DIY will have ...

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iPhone Cameras Go Head to Head

Fosfor has put together a great comparison test between the cameras of the iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4 with HDR. The results are much what you’d expect, but the degree of differences between the cameras is even more drastic than I thought. All in all the iPhone 4 camera with HDR performs cartwheels around the in-brand competition. ...

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MiBeerAge iPhone App Tells You Exactly How Old Your Beer Is

You might not have known this but to the beer connoisseur, the finest brews are best served within 30 days of their bottling. So those three year old bottles of Heineken collecting dust in your fridge garage? Yeah, slightly past their prime. But hey, at least the caps are still usable. The MiBeerAge iOS application tells you exactly how old ...

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