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New Kid on the Block: Apple’s iPhone 6s

iphone 6

Apple’s newest iPhone 6s is set to be launched on 09.09.2014 which is less than 4 days away. With the mysterious tagline “Wish we could say more” Apple has managed to hype up the buzz already surrounding the device. There’s a lot of pressure on this generation of iPhones. Expectations are still skyrocketing as people have no idea what they will ...

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How the iPhone 5S is Putting Apple Back in the Game

Ever since the iPhone 4, people have been looking for reasons to be impressed with Apple's flagship product, but have been sorely disappointed following the death of Steve Jobs in 2011. With the iPhone 5S, it looks like Apple is starting to get its groove back since losing its iconic founder.

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Apple Unveils the New iPhone 4S (Not the iPhone 5)

Well, it's the announcement that everyone has been waiting for -- Apple's new iPhone. However, it's not the iPhone 5, as many people were expecting. Instead, Apple has released an upgraded version of the iPhone 4, which will be called the "iPhone 4S".

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