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Hunt For the Crystal Skulls

In light of the recent release of the latest Indiana Jones flick, Toys R Us is selling an Indiana hat and whip to complete your costume of the most badass archaeologist to ever scour tombs. If worse comes to worst, you could always use the hat and whip to compete in the Iditarod with your team of burly huskies, once ...

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Floppy Disk Pin Brings You Back To 1991

Are you feeling vintage? Heading to a LAN party to play Doom II and break out 3.5-inch classics like Commander Keen and Xargon? In that case, it’s essential you remain as dapper as possible for the occasion. This felt Floppy Disk Pin will compliment any wrinkled suit you borrowed from your roommate, unlike other apparel on the market. Link (via)

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