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Reaching Lake Vostok

The largest subglacial lake in the world will begin to yield its secrets later this month, when a Russian drilling team reaches it beneath 4 km of Antarctic ice.

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NASA’s Icebridge: imaging the abyss

Researchers with NASA's Icebridge campaign are completing their fourth tour of flights over the polar regions to image ice sheets and glaciers in Antarctica and Greenland. The places they measure and scan are crucial to our understanding of global climate�and forbiddingly hostile as well.

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Take a Left at the Penguins: Google Street View Expands to Antarctica

With the addition of portions of Antarctica to Google’s Street View, Google can now claim Street View availability on all seven continents. It took three years of LARPing and accident catching, but they’ve done it. For now, the Antarctic viewing is extremely limited, but Google plans to expand with user-submitted photos and more official photography. You’ll notice that some Antarctic ...

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