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Animated LED Emoticon Shirt Warns People of Your Wrath

Can’t say I didn’t warn you I was having one of those “I’mma murder any motherfucker that gets in my way” days. Just look at my emoticon. It’s definitely looking pretty angry. Running off of 4 AAA batteries, the Animated LED Emoticon T-Shirt lets everyone know how you’re feeling today. You can get a few for everyday of the week ...

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LEGO Donald Duck

He might not transform into a Bug mobile, but he’s just as awesome in my book. LEGO Donald Duck is just as impossible to understand as the real one. Link [via]

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How to Hook Up the NES

This amusing animated video by shamoozal takes a comical eye to the process of hooking up the classic NES gaming console. Nintendo might have started a gaming revolution with the NES, but thank the gaming lord that the hook up process has changed some. Follow the rules in this video and you might just live to play a game or ...

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HOW TO: Build Your Own Net Launcher

For our readers who hunt wild game or just live in an area with cool shit they’d like to capture, listen up. Instructables user Crispyjones has posted full details on how to make your own net-launching gun, just like the kind Batman used. It’s comprised of PVC pipe and uses pressurized air to launch the net at around 90 PSI. ...

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Tech-inspired Sculptures That Come To Life

Creating artistic tech-inspired sculptures with nothing more than recycled goods and other garbage is a popular form of art these days. Like the City Foundry Bots or those mini-motorcycles made of old watch parts, these sculptures are made in a similar way but take it to the next level: they’re animated. We aren’t sure what mechanical artist Nemo Gould is ...

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