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A Giraffe Lamp

Know what’s hilarious? A giraffe. Spots, silly animal, big tongue, long neck. Yeah, sounds like an awesome creature to me. Why not make a lamp that pokes fun at a giraffe all while paying equal tribute? Wait, where’d his head go? I don’t know but all of a sudden I can insert a fluorescent bulb into a socket. Let there ...

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Pick Your Nose Party Cups

Need to pump some life into your next party event but you’re afraid the mustache handkerchief will have everyone thinking they’re Salvador Dali? Not a problem. With these animal nose cups, you’ll have all of your drunk friends stumbling around your apartment making animal noises. You might have to worry about Dali coming back from the dead and showing up ...

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Divine Bovine

Hubba hubba! Take a look at this assortment of sexy and seductive animals that are worth drooling over. Warning, these pictures are not safe for work and will surely give you a hard on. That is, if the other artsy animals I’ve posted haven’t already done that. No idea who made them, but I know where they came from and ...

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Sensory Modding Is The New Black

A recent project from the students over at London’s Royal College Of Art caught our eye with its unique look and obvious sensory deprivation. Called “Animal Sense Devices”, the pieces are a set of experimental sense amplifiers which give humans animalistic senses.

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Pro-Idee Sofa Guard keeps Lassie off the couch

You’ve been gone all day at work, your boss gave you a huge new project, and when you come home, all you see is your brand new couch torn to pieces with Spot sitting right next to it. This situation (at least the last part) would never have occurred if you had taken the time to invest in the Pro-Idee ...

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