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E Ink strikes first with color e-paper display

E Ink, the company whose displays power the Kindle and the Nook, is bringing the first low-power, ambient-light color display to market. Like its black-and-white reflective-displays forerunners, Triton promises weeks, not hours, of battery power. But the resolution of the new technology, at least for now, lacks the richness and resolution of its backlit LED competitors.

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Delicious Tomato Soup Shoes

Mmm mmm… good. These comfort shoes designed by Jeffrey Campbell (pretty apt last name) would go great with a pair of grilled cheese mittens. You can buy your own custom pair for $102.99. These have Kanye-style written all-over� them. These Warhol-inspired kicks are reasonably priced seeing as most pop-art crap is extravagantly priced. Link [via]

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