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Horse Used As Live Anatomical Model

Gillian Higgins offers Equine Lecture Demonstrations, helping to educate the world on proper equine care, a skill that every human should undoubtedly master. Tired of relying on simple text and images, Higgins decided to use a real horse as a live anatomical model. One side of the horse showcases the skeletal structure, the other side displays the muscle. It takes ...

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Hello Kitty’s Guts Make an Appearance

When we think Hello Kitty, we think about the adorable piece of shit gadgets they produce and the meaningless of the entire damn brand. That’s right Hello Kitty, we’re hatin’. But this one is actually sort of neat. This Hello Kitty toy designed by Dr Romanelli gives us the rare inside look. This is the first time we’ve gotten to ...

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The Anatomy of Domo

Anatomical mix master Jason Freeny has created anatomical models for such oddities as balloon animals, gummy bears and now, Japan’s own Domo. Domo has just been all over the damn place. The last few years, around Halloween, Domo has been pushed and promoted like crazy. Last year at Target, this year at 7-Eleven, it seems like 2009 is no exception. ...

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The Anatomy of Japanese Monsters

I’ve kinda always wondered about this. Do monsters have the same basic anatomic features as us humans? I mean think about it. When you think of monsters, they could really be made of anything, sort of like aliens. Well, now we know. These anatomical charts come complete with spiked vertebrates and massive human filled colons. Hit the jump for Godzilla ...

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Nike Goes Anatomical

This Haute Charcuterie pair of Nike Air Force 1s puts the pedal to the metal and the metal to the muscle. Designer BlackYard created these anatomical pair of Nikes, which divides your foot into prime slices of meat. I’m sure this has some sort of snazzy concept, like “Oh, Nike is just one of those corporations filled with porky pigs.” ...

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