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LEGO Ferrari Comes With A LEGO Pit Crew

Yesterday, the LEGO World event began. To promote the event Leon Krijgsman of Jetix (more X-Men, please) rolled through the streets of Amsterdam in this LEGO Ferrari F1. This automobile is made up of 80,000 LEGO bricks and that’s not counting the LEGO pit crew who maintain it. The event will be held in Zwolle until the 21st and will ...

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Three Hundred Year Old Church Has The Coolest Powerpoint Screen Ever

Amsterdam’s Koepelkerk (meaning roughly “domed church” in Dutch) is one of the main landmarks on the city’s skyline. Koepelkerk has been around since the 17th century and it’s been painted by the legendary Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh, but today it’s far from your typical church. Since 1975, the Koepelkerk has been rented by the Renaissance Marriott and they’ve renovated ...

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RFID Passports: Are They Secure?

Need even more proof that RFID doesn’t improve security? According to a group of hackers who bypassed an ePassport RFID authentication at an Amsterdam airport, RFID passports aren’t as secure as people think. Using software to design custom identities as well as convincing scanners to accept fabricated RFID chips, the hackers got around security without raising suspicion. They used an ...

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Gearfuse’s Euro Trip

What up everybody. This cool Lego creation is a model of Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport that I spotted when I landed in Europe yesterday morning. Thanks to the folks at Eurail and various tourism ministries, I’m here on a ten day trip through Portugal, Spain, and Amsterdam. While I’m traveling, in addition to all the regular Gearfuse goodness, expect weekend updates ...

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There’s A Party In My Mouth: An Oral Extravaganza

For a moment we thought that Julia Roberts was finally allowing spectators to tour her gigantic pie hole, but now it sees as though we were misled. This gigantic mouth is actually a a new attraction at Corpus, a half-amusement park, half-museum in Amsterdam, which recently opened up a their interactive feature which allows visitors to explore large models of ...

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