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BA-K-47 Will Pump Your Guts Full of Lead (and Bacon)

Choose your method of death. Quick and painless with a simple shot to the head, or slow and potentially agonizing, featuring clogged arteries and clotted organs. One of the methods is much more delicious than the other. The choice is yours. The BA-K-47 is just awesome. What else can possibly be said about an AK-47 made out of bacon? It’s ...

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Bang! Bang! You’re Drunk

Ice cube trays don’t get more bizarre than ones shaped like a AK-47 magazine. That’s what forged these bullet-shaped ice cubes shown above which, for some reason or another, are now chilling our favorite drinks. No, not even Titanic or Tetris-shaped ice cubes can match what these puppies are packin’. That’s a whole lot of heat for such a chilling ...

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A Place Where Paper Always Beats Scissors

When you and your friends fight over who’s going to be first player in Mario Kart, Doom or whatever game you happen to be playing at the time, the most effective way to handle those sort of situations has always been a best out of three game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. What if we told you there was a way ...

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