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Teenager Turns a DeLorean Into A Perpetual Air Motored Car: Doc Brown Is So Proud

Just to prove that you don’t need environmental scientists to create green products for you, check out what this 15-year-old boy from Samarkand, Uzbekistan did to this DeLorean. We already know DeLorean’s are capable of so much, including time travel and stirring up buzz on the interweb. This DeLorean in particular is powered by a conventional internal combustion engine with ...

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Scientists building super tiny robot hand for super tiny needs

UCLA engineering scientists are developing a microscopic robotic hand, which they hope one day will be used for surgeries that entail removing small bits of crap. The silicon robotic fingers will be controlled by air pressure rather then electricity, which we assume is to assure it lasts longer than a complex electrical device would. The only drawback for now is ...

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