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Flamingo’s Flock Into A Flamingo

You might be wondering if this image is real. Well, it is. National Geographic photographer Robert B. Haas took this aerial shot of flamingos flocking together in the shape of a large flamingo. Unbelievable. Link [via]

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Blood By Air – The Medical Robot Carrier Pigeon

The practical uses for unmanned aerial vehicles are proving limitless. Once used for espionage and photography, these airborne spy bots just fell victim to a role reversal: they’ve gone from spy to medic. Well, while they don’t exactly heal wounds out on the battlefield, they do provide air transport for supplies needed in dire situations. Think of them as carrier ...

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Flee Aerial Digital Camera Allows For Soaring Shots

Here’s a really cool gadget that was totally made for the extreme sports industry. It’s called the Flee Digital Camera and was designed for aerial photography. It looks like a NERF toy of some sort crossed with badminton and it works like so: As soon as the Flee launches, it begins to snap multiple photos at a speed interval of ...

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