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Swinging At The Bus Stop

Bruno Taylor wants to make London a little more fun. As an artist and a provocateur, Bruno is aiming to add a little more cheer to the adult living in London. Currently, he’s hung a few playful swings on bus stops around London. This way, you can have a little fun before getting on that bus that drives you 45 ...

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Transl8 IM Txt In2 Str8 English

Baby boomers rejoice. A tech gadget made for the Nixon through Carter generation is always good, as boomers are more often than not, immune to learning about technology. Cre8txt has developed this keypad which aids in translating the IM-speak of those damn kids. I mean, what the hell is a ROFLcopter anyway! When your faced with a communication barrier, have ...

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Report: More than one-third of adults own a gaming console

A new report conducted by Nielsen//NetRatings shows that a staggering 36.5% of adults own a gaming console, including 15.9% owning portable consoles. The same report shows that 71% of these adults are married, and 66% have at least one child living in the house. You know what this means? The geeks are finally taking over! As gaming consoles become more ...

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