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It’s a Crap!: Admiral Ackbar Toilet Traps Your High-Powered Missiles

This toilet has been floating (no pun intended) around a few viral sites recently and I hesitated to jump on it out of sheer will. I’m typically against posting stuff that you might have already seen. But there’s something about the Admiral Ackbar Toilet that keeps bringing me back. It’s likely not the smell. Deviantart user bmansnuggles created this awesome ...

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Admiral Ackbar Gets Obamatized a la Shepard Fairey

Today on TeeFury, Admiral Ackbar gets the iconic�Shepard Fairey “Hope” Obama print treatment. Instead of the word “hope,” the word “trap” has been used, as a reference to Ackbar’s famous “It’s a trap!” line from the Return of the Jedi. Link

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