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And the Oscar Goes To… Geminoid F, the Fembot Actress

Geminoid F might not be ready to give Meryl Streep a run for her money, but the female humanoid robot was designed for the stage. Created by ART Intelligent Robotics and Communications Laboratories under the direction of Professor Ishiguro Hiroshi, Geminoid was designed to replicate the appearance of a twenty-something woman, with the exception that she is controlled via remote ...

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What Would Megan Fox Look Like As Catwoman?

The answer is simple. Really, really hot. I like a little sex appeal mixed in with my feline superheros and Megan Fox, who starred in both Transformers movies, is the sexiest damn woman in Hollywood at the moment. This mock-up wallpaper fulfills our fantasies by placing the foxy Fox in the iconic Catwoman mask. The rumor of her taking the ...

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