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Oracle To Buy Sun Microsystems

The other week, IBM was going to buy Sun and the world seemed to be in equilibrium. But that deal fell through and Sun was left standing in the middle of the street with its pants down. Lucky for J. Schwartz & Co., Larry Ellison’s Oracle Corporation decided to use flex its power and purchase Sun Microsystems for about $7.4 ...

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Rumor: Palm being sold to the highest bidder this week

Nokia and Motorola are only two of the companies which have been rumored to be buying out Palm later this week for up to a cool $2 Billion. The acquisition of Palm would not only put the company purchaser ahead in the game with smartphone production, but would also wipe out a signifigant competitor, while gaining rights in using the ...

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Nokia might as well buy Palm

It is an open secret that Palm is short of capital and resources, but recently there’s been noise coming out that Palm is in fact actively looking to be acquired, and Nokia is in talks with the company. Palm might be able to increase the momentum of product release, which is actually one of the reasons of the disappointing sales ...

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