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SpeaQualizer Keeps The Party Going

Have you ever wanted a tabletop equalizer? No? Oh. Well this isn’t an equalizer, this is the SPEAQUALIZER! Yes! It’s true! For $40, this little baby will make colored lights hop and dance to all your tunes. The built-in mic helps it detect sound, so make sure the party is pumpin’ before you leave it on the coffee table for ...

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Bat Cape Added To Gadget List

Let’s face it: Bruce Wayne is one cool dude. With all these gadgets turning him into a super hero, it’s hard to step up. Now, for less than thirty dollars, you can equip yourself with this bad ass Batman cape that, with one touch, can rapidly deploy a 5′ wingspan. For the love of god, do not try to jump ...

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What is Proporta Smoking?

An e-mail from usually-decent accessories manufacturer Proporta landed in my Inbox this morning. It was for a Universal iPod Dock that’s supposed to fit the iPhone, iPod, etc. and charge it via USB. OK. Fantastic, right? Not really. Problem is, according to the pictures on the product page, it looks like they took a goddamned iPod cable directly from Apple ...

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LadyBag Tells You What You’re Missing, Physically And Emotionally

We’ve seen a pretty wide array of uses for RFID tagging, including senior citizen control and kitteh management. LadyBag is a smart personal accessory which uses RFID tags to monitor the items you bring with you out of your home, such as your keys and wallet, and also judges your emotion based on your person-to-bag interaction. When the sensors on ...

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China not waiting for release of iPhone to release accessories

Shown at the latest HK Electronics & Computer Fair, Pocket Games is doesn’t care that the iPhone isn’t released yet. They’ve decided to be the early bird and show their iPhone accessories and covers now, which will probably be released even before the iPhone is. I wouldn’t jump the gun boys. With the development issues Apple has been having with ...

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Macworld: XtremeMac Luna wakes you up with style and sophistication

The XtremeMac booth has so many new products lined up on display at its huge floor booth at Macworld that it is hard to figure out what products to spend the most time on. On Tuesday, the new Luna iPod Alarm Clock Audio System is the winner. You have probably seen some nice iPod alarm clocks before, but it’s some ...

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