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The Power Glove Wiimote Mod!

The launch of the Wii came and went with only a couple riots as the consequence. If you missed out on the Wii rush, fist fights and all, we both envy and pity you. But despite our black eyes, and your lack of a gaming console, we now all get to join hands and enjoy the crazy mods that are ...

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Woodpixel is your DIY wall art

Maybe an interesting concept, or maybe just another overly-simplistic idea that no one but old school arcade fanboys will buy into. The entire premise of Woodpixel, the 100 x 100 square Scrabble-type board,is that you take 100 different cubes with different shapes of wood on each of the six sides and make your own 8-bit video game character to hang ...

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Xbox 360 – One-Handed!

Ben Heck (he of console laptop fame) has designed and built a one-handed Xbox 360 controller for an injured Iraq war veteran. Most of the controls are on the underside, including the A, B, X, and Y buttons, the right analog stick, and both triggers (the left trigger is operated via the index finger, the right via the pinky).   ...

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