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Gold iPad Mini Image Leaked

Gold iPad Mini

Admit it, you knew it was coming, and now one Chinese tech website (DoNews.com) has revealed images of a possible gold iPad Mini. It should come as no surprise that Apple is anxious to pump out more gold colored gadgets with the incredible success of the gold iPhone 5C.

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Apple Launches An iOS 7 Update Already?

iOS 7.2

Remember how Apple launched iOS 7 not too long ago? Yeah...well iOS 7.0.2 is already available for download. iOS 7 turned out to have at least one very important bug which prompted the iOS update, the ability to bypass the lock screen.

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Apple Introduces The Kids App Store

Kids App Store

If you have a kid who is constantly playing with your iPad or iPhone (because honestly if you have a kid who has their own, we need to talk) then you might be happy to know that Apple has just launched a kids version of the app store.

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5 Reasons Why We Like iTunes Radio Better Than Pandora

iTunes Radio

We have been using Pandora for...well, years, but with the announcement of iTunes Radio we have to admit to being slightly giddy. Why? Well, there are a few things about Pandora that we could live without, take a look at five of the reasons why we have fallen in love with iTunes Radio and out of love with Pandora.

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Apple Releases iOS 7 Today And iTunes 11.1!

iOS 7

Most Apple owners already know that iOS 7 is scheduled for launch today, but did you also know that iTunes 11.1 has just been released too? iOS 7 has Apple lovers on the edge of their seats today as they wait for the new iOS launch, but in the meantime we recommend downloading iTunes 11.1.

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Is There Already Bad Press For The iPhone 5C?

Apple Logo

Apple is no stranger to human rights and labor violation complaints and it seems like the iPhone 5C is no exception to the trend. According to recent headlines human rights groups are targeting Apple for potential labor violations in connection with the iPhone 5c.

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