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10 Signs You Grew Up in the 90’s


If you grew up in the 90's then chances are that you were born in the 1980's or early 1990's. If you fall in to that category then you will most likely look at this list and reminisce with a stupid smile on your face. If anyone is watching, we suggest you tell them to go away now or at least shut their pie hole.

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How to Be Awesome

A ten-speed, skin-tight neon green shorts, orange socks and sunglasses complete with lanyard. Hark! The ingredients of awesome. And never, under any circumstances, underestimate the importance of a fanny pack. Where else are you going to store your pogs and Pixy Stix? Let me tell you, if I had half of this kid’s awesome growing up, my life would have ...

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A Blast From The Past Of Geekiness

I can’t get enough of corny retro video game commercials.� When I saw this Street Fighter 2 Turbo promotional video posted on Dooby Brain, I just had to share it here.� It reminds me of the better times in my life, when wearing cardigan sweaters and listening to Nirvana was cool. If you pay close attention to the video, ignoring ...

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