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Too Soon? Gigabit WiFi Rumors

Keep in mind that the IEEE 802.11n wireless spec hasn’t even been solidified and is still in the draft phase. Draft, people. And now, rumors of Gigabit WiFi are popping up at a time where WiMAX is still having a ton of problems and we’re still on 802.11g as a standard. The new technology, dubbed 802.11 VHT (Very High Throughput), ...

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Apple 802.11n update costs… $1.99! It’s official.

Double Apple news day! After all of those damn rumors about how much activating the 802.11n ability would cost, we now know! Apple is charging $1.99 for the software update. At first this was supposed to cost about $5, then it went to $2, then the hopefulls said it’s free!, now it’s officially $2. — Nik Gomez AirPort Extreme 802.11n ...

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