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Retro Video Game Neckties

Do you want to be the Prince of Ties? It’s kind of like being the Prince of Tides, except that you play a lot of Tetris. You also have to play other classic games like Space Invaders, Pong or Asteroids, but that sure beats work that a real prince would do. Oh, and you’ll have to wear a tie to ...

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D-Pad Hero: Daft Punk Edition

Ever wonder what it’d be like to play Guitar Hero on the original Nintendo Entertainment System? Try D-Pad Hero out for size: Chiptune version of Daft Punk�s �Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger� played in homebrew NES game D-Pad Hero. Tiny Cartridge reader George recorded and posted this video. Let us all praise him for giving us stuff to post when we ...

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8-Bit Flowerpots

If Mario and Peach settled down one day and bought a castle in the countryside, I’d imagine this is what their garden would look like. Though I’m not sure how Mario would feel about a Piranha plant growing in his own backyard. I would imagine a little fire would take care of the job…

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Ice Hockey On A Portable DVD Player

This portable entertainment center is the only one in existence advertised with the Ice Hockey game for the NES playing on it. Despite all the expected features of a portable DVD player like a 14-inch crystal clear TFT LCD screen, multi-format disc play (including MP3 and DivX) and a high quality TV tuner for use all over the world; this ...

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Space Invading Keyboard Is Pseudo Retro

Many kinds of products are spawned from the inspiration that Space Invaders brings but this specific product is more special than the rest. Yes, even that quilt doesn’t impress as much.� Maybe I’m merely being biased because I just spilled beer all over my keyboard and I’m desperately looking for a replacement. Yeah, that’s it. That’s the one! The keyboard ...

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Woodpixel is your DIY wall art

Maybe an interesting concept, or maybe just another overly-simplistic idea that no one but old school arcade fanboys will buy into. The entire premise of Woodpixel, the 100 x 100 square Scrabble-type board,is that you take 100 different cubes with different shapes of wood on each of the six sides and make your own 8-bit video game character to hang ...

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