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Enable 720p Video On YouTube

YouTube is great for entertainment, but quality is a whole other bag of marbles. When I have a video I plan on uploading, I don’t want it compressed to all hell and back for the purpose of streaming. Because of this, I usually use Vimeo for those vids. But thanks to a hack involving the URL of YouTube videos, you ...

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Xbox 360 Notebook Converter confirmed!

Gamers have been waiting for this announcement for who the hell knows how long. It seems that the possibility of a portable Xbox 360 is all but officially confirmed. Peripheral company, Hori, prematurely announced their release of a no-hassle Compact TFT Monitor EX, an LCD that easily connects to the Xbox 360 with very minimal effort. The 12.1 inch monitor ...

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Westinghouse Quad HDTV gives you 2160p! but why?

So 720p qualifies as high def right? And 1080p goes even further to be called “full” high def, but what do you call a screen that boasts the fact that it is 2160p? Well, Westinghouse has a 2160p HDTV that was shown at CES, and they are calling it the Quad HDTV. This Quad HDTV is 52 inches and has ...

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