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Solution For Gamers Who Lack Skill

If you really suck at video games or you’re just a no good untrustworthy cheating sonofabitch, then the AcidMods Spit-Fire Controller was made just for you. This Xbox 360 controller mod has two special function buttons which are fully programmable that will give your pudgy fingers an edge against competition that is clearly superior to you in Call Of Duty ...

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60GB Xbox 360 Pro Rumored

The long-awaited upgrade from a 20GB to 60GB hard drive for the Xbox 360 Pro could be announced at the company’s E3 keynote next month says TrustedReviews. A source says there’s a release scheduled for August before the 10th. If you’ve got a 20GB hard drive on your 360 and your kicking yourself for not holding out for the 60GB, ...

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The ‘360’ With No Games, Just Style

Combining surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding, designer Francesco Sommacal has come up with the mother of extreme sports. Winner of the 2007 Volvo Sportdesign Concept Award, the “360” is the all-in-one sports activity. Not to be confused with the Xbox 360, the 360’s ‘board’ has the users feet rest on a platform/slot in the center of the wheel as opposed to ...

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Out Of The Sewers and Into The Gaming Den

I’m a huge fan of Crocodile Dundee and Leatherhead was by far my favorite villain from T.M.N.T.. I can appreciate the time and effort this gamer has put into this case mod but nothing screams “geek” more than spending that much time to put some ‘bling’ on your 360, well maybe except for this awkwardly-designed computer. The alligator-themed Xbox 360 ...

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Toyota Makes Realistic Driving Simulator; Crash Dummies Everywhere Rejoice

Toyota has announced that they have created a world-class driving simulator which will “effectively analyze the driving characteristics of average drivers”. Located at TMC’s Higashifuji Technical Center in Susono City (wherever that is), the simulator apparently offers the most realistic driving experience without being in a car. We must ask, wouldn’t it have been a lot cheaper just to use ...

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360-Degrees of chill for real “fanboys”

In the summer, when you and your buddies are chilling by the fan, there seems to always be a fight to who gets to sit in front of the cool air flow. I mean, most fans turn, like, 90 degrees, if that. The 360-degree Fan adds a whole new definition to the word Fanboy. With 360-degrees of coolness, this fan ...

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