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First Ever Commodore 64 LAN Party

For a software platform that was discontinued 14 years ago, the Commodore 64’s legacy and fan base is still going strong. The Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club’s held its 2008 C=4 Expo at the Drawbridge Inn in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky from June 28-29. In celebration of the LAN party status at C=4, a new Commodore 64 game was unveiled, called NetRacer. ...

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WWDC 2008 Live Coverage

Hey everyone! Trying to avoid WWDC today would be like a leper trying not to itch his arms – it’s impossible. So while it’s 100 degrees outside, we’re going to stay cool and keep you updated with what’s happening at the Moscone Center. Ryan and I will keep informed with over twenty different news sources, bringing the latest updates right ...

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