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Ten Xbox 360 Tricks Microsoft Didn’t Tell You About

Techradar has posted ten Xbox 360 tricks that you may or may not have missed. Microsoft is never really straightforward with anything it’s ever done. I mean look at it’s new advertisement campaign. What’s going on there? Regardless, check out these tips, you might find one you never knew about:

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10 Video Game Sequels That Surpass Their Predecessor

Hey, not all sequels suck! Forget about Speed 2: Cruise Control, that movie was garbage. We’ve grouped together a few sequels of well known video game titles that prove that the game industry isn’t disintegrating year after year. Hit the jump to catch the nostalgia:

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Anti-Terrorism Ideas Gone Wrong

Neatorama has compiled a ‘Top 10 Strangest Anti-Terrorism Patents’. Ideas that will someday become realized. Check out this hippy trying to blow himself up during a protest demanding a “Jerry Garcia Day” be held in the month of August. There are tons of wacky ideas to scoff at, like the doggie earphones, airplane trap door and the explosion containment net. ...

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10 Games That Define Konami

We’ve selected an assortment of Konami titles we feel are classics and define Konami along with subsidiary companies such as Ultra Games. Some titles didn’t make the cut and that’s a damn shame but Konami doesn’t fuck around and neither do I. Hit the jump to dive into the ten.

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10 Alternatives to the Nintendo Wii Fit

Reggie Fils-Aime is a liar. He wants you to believe that the Wii Fit will make you skinny but the truth is: It won’t. To top it off, he’s one weird looking mother fucker. Wii Fit is said to be influenced by activities in Miyamoto’s daily life. A Japanese man obsessed with clothes hanger puppets does not bench press or ...

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