Tactical Biorefinery incites trash talk


Scientists at Purdue University have created a portable power generator. Trash is its main source of fuel. Many of you might remember that the flux capacitor on the De Lorean in Back to The Future II was also powered by trash after being pimped up in the future. We might be approaching the time of this being reality. Without the whole time traveling thing, of course.

Purdue says that the “tactical biorefinery” was made because of suggestion by the US military. It’s clear the importance of such a product can be useful for a lot more then military operational aide. Potentially even being used as a power source during times of disaster when electricity is needed.

Although the biorefinery runs mostly from trash, a small amount of diesel fuel is still required to get this baby humming, though the trash takes over from there.

The machine seperates food into one section, refining the yeast ferments into ethanol to be used as energy. Other materials, such as paper and plastic (which you should be recycling, dammit) is gasified into methane (yeah, the fart gas) and propane to fuel the diesel engine.

While reports are that this biorefinery is environmentally friendly, the scent has been associated with the deaths of many men. We’re sorry. That’s a lie. Just a feeble attempt at a methane joke. — Andrew Dobrow

Portable, trash-powered generator ready for deployment [CNET, via QJ.NET]

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