T-Mobile Sidekick 2008 Skins From Skin It

T-Mobile was kind enough to send me the new Sidekick 2008 model early so I could spend some time getting acquainted with it. Lately, T-Mobile has really been ramping up Sidekick production with models like the Slide and LX. The 2008, the latest model, isn’t vastly different than the Sidekick LX. It’s a little smaller, which is a major issue as it makes using it much easier. Battery life still sucks and the camera is improved a bit but is still lacking a quality CMOS chip.

One major feature of the Sidekick 2008 is that you can skin it. T-Mobile has teamed up with, ironically, a company called SkinIt.com to give you the ability to customize your Sidekick in full. Add colors, text and drag any image you want over the shell to create a personalized phone that really fits your style. Here, take a look at what I came up with and see if you can tell what my style is (hint: beer):

Yes. I am now the proud owned of a Sierra Nevada Sidekick. One-of-a-kind. How cool is that? With the ability to choose a white or black shell, the possibilities are endless. The web-based design tool is made with Adobe Flash and works OK. Some things were easy to do while other features had me tearing my hair out. I hear that the designer isn’t full finished yet, so hopefully T-Mobile can bang out these last minute issues.

Other then that, SkinIt and the T-Mobile were made for each other. The Sidekick 2008 is one of the better devices T-Mobile has released and enabling users to customize the shell entirely is a key point for it’s success. The price is right too: $9.99 for one shell and $14.99 for two. Affordable and a fantastic gift idea for your friend with a SK08.


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  1. cool, 1 question tho. im guessing that u no about the online sidekick galley, whereu can show off ur customized shell. i have created many shells and want to put some on the gallery. do u no how to post your shell on the gallery?? answer soon. thanks =]

  2. Hey, I actually do know what you’re talking about. Unfortunately, I don’t know how you post yours. I think you design one and it’s automatically added? Hope this helps.

  3. whats the website i can make my own skin at?

  4. It’s pretty obvious dude but I’ll let it slide: skinit.com

  5. heyyy! ok i feel like i already won since i found you guys giving ME the chance to win a free custom SK case! haha here i am google’ing anything to find something for me to get some kind of discount on customizing my new SK08 just so i can make this sucker my very own… pick me so i can personalize this SK! … pretty please? 🙂 cant wait to hear back from you guys!


  6. My sidekick needs a better look.I still have the same green skin it came in it would be good to have a custom skin.

  7. I’m a graphic designer and I feel that this is an awesome set up with Sidekick and skin it.. I’ve already made a few of my own..
    I just wish it was cheaper..
    When was it ever $14.99 for 2? Because I’m paying that much for 1.

  8. i have a question… when i go to skinit.com and and search for my device i cant find where they have shells for the sidekick 08. only the other sidekicks show up. can anyone help?

    thanks! =]

  9. I agree with Aimee – the Sidekick 2008 isn’t listed as an available device, and when you call T-Mobile, they say the skins aren’t yet available for it……. Can someone who has bought one for the 2008 please advise?

  10. The website for designing and purchasing sidekick shells is http://sidekickshells.skinit.com/. There don’t appear to be skins for this model of sidekicks, only shells, which are the hard removable covers (shells) that have cool designs painted on them.

  11. I really want a shell 4 my sidekick

  12. This is so awesome! I really hate my green shell (and I like the color green) I think it is cool to be able to customize your phone with your style and or ideas. I have made a few of my own but I have yet to purchase one..

  13. I still have green covers Ive been wanting something bright colors and my favorite brand is Coca-Cola i would like it to be made out with a red glitters all over the covers and white glitter for letter on the back and front too. Thats what i really want…

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