Swinx: A Game System That Doesn’t Make Much Sense


Kids love colorful shit that looks like it’s right out of the early 1990s. Case in point: Swinx. Swinx is supposedly a game system designed by the Dutch that interacts with children. Your kids run around with these RFID-enabled colored wristbands and a clover-shaped base station alerts children to the game they’ll be playing.

Sound confusing? That’s because we’re not children. Kids eat this shit up, trust me. It involves bright colors, running around like a wreck loose and pissing your pants. You call it Swinx. I call it Saturday night.

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  1. Hi,
    After reading your post, I decided to check Swinxs (with “s” at the end) out. Since I live in Holland, the costs of mail ordering through the swinxs.com webshop were not too expensive. My kids love it. What I like about it is that it does have an SDK that anybody is allowed to play with.Anybody else who has experiences with this product? I bought Swinxs based upon a review performed by Engadget.com.

  2. Hey Lydia/Peter,

    Thanks for the first-hand review of Swinx. Sounds like a fun game and we’d totally play it here in America!

  3. Swinxs are now available in the US through Amazon.com!

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