Swim with your iPod Shuffle and bone-conduction headphones


When we want music, we want music everywhere, some of us even want it underwater, so somebody created the underwater MP3 player. The problem of listening to music underwater is that the earphone lines are going to tangle, let alone the fact that your ears would feel uncomfortable because of the super tight earbuds; another danger would actually be not knowing what’s going on underwater because you can’t hear. Thanko has solved all these problems today.

Similar to their original bone-conduction headphone, instead of placing the buds into your ears, you would be pressing them against your skull close to your ears, you would be listening to the music via bone conduction and not air conduction. One more thing, since the headphone is water-proof and shaped like a headband, Thanko also added a little pouch where you can slide your iPod Shuffle in. So you can listen to your iPod Shuffle underwater without worrying about the chords, or what’s going on underwater (you still have your ears to hear). Pretty neat eh? The waterproof headband bone-conduction headphones will be available starting today at $85 in Japan. —Sam Chan


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