Swami, The Fortune Telling Robot: “I Predict You Will Spend $75,000 For Me”


Swami is a creation from outrageously expensive retailer Neiman Marcus. This fortune telling robot lives up to the expensive reputation and then some. This glass entombed animatron can recognize family members  and answer the questions you ask of it.

Swami has a character-engine artificial intelligence, micro-camera eyes, and around 30 robotic mowers to make this bot one fantastic, yet realistic (if that makes any sense) member of your family. Swami will sell for an insane $75,000. Why not just hire your own live-in psychic? — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Tell you what, I’ll make you a better offer. If anyone reading this wants to pay me a mere $60K, I’ll give you my cell phone number, promise to keep it on 24-7, and will answer any questions you have for 6 months. Now that’s a bargain. I give great advice!

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