Portable Super Nintendo Hack

When you love to game, you’ve gotta have titles to play on the go. This is why the hardware hacking community will go out there, gather up parts and whip up a portable NES. There’s nothing quite like playing actual cartridges on your DIY console though, so make like this guy off of the BenHeck.com forums and create a portable Super Nintendo.

With a custom game enclosure and a sharp, backlit screen, this will blow away your acid-ridden Game Boy Color your parents made you hang on to. This portable SNES has rechargeable batteries and a cartridge slot as well. Everything you need to game on the go except for those expensive, rare RPG cartridges.

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  1. That’s epic and all, but where are the Shoulder buttons? (L and R?)

  2. That is the most amazing thing ever and should be mass produced

  3. ok where can i get one of thouse thangs at and how much money will it take??? if u can help me jus email me at [email protected] thx… and if u can not make me one then will u send me a web site that will show me how to…if so thx….

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