Super Mario Zombie Cosplay

Taking inspiration from my two favorite geek icons of all time, Flickr user mrksaari created these real-life Super Mario zombie cosplay costumes. Princess Peach looks like she’s holding her own just fine, so I’m pretty sure the Mario clan has a new objective. And I’ll give you a hint. It starts with “b” and ends with “rains.”

While mushrooms were just fine and dandy for keeping the old Mario up and running, nothing can quite satisfy the hunger of Zombie Mario quite like a freshly-scooped Goomba brain. But, yeah, I guess he’d settle for a brain of the human variety.

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  1. Credits for mrksaari for taking these awesome photos, but costumes and make-up were made by the models themselves. Pictures were taken in Ropecon, which is one the biggest roleplay conventions in scandinavia.

    P.S. Thanks alot for not including me


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