Stylish Laptop Case Made From Old Car Seats

Eco-friendly Uruguayan leathermaker Begoodesigns has found a use for old car seats. They’re making swank laptop cases using recycled auto upholstery. Begood’s bags don’t just protect the environment, they also guard your precious computer. Inside the bags, there’s a soft lining made from padded car seat fabric.

With it’s classic leather luggage styling, this recycled laptop bag is a major step up from those DIY velcro and duct tape laptop bags. Begoodesign’s car seat leather computer case sells for $250 on their web site. Buy one of these and you might be able to feel a little bit better about driving a big ol’ gas-guzzling SUV. If you’re looking for even more recycled leather gear Begoodesigns also makes sandals and necklaces.

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