Stuffed Plush Twitter Bird

Editor’s Note: This design seems to bear a striking resemblance to Iconfactory’s official Twitterrific mascot, Ollie. Credit needs to be given where credit is due. We strongly suggest you check out the official Iconfactory store to purchase official Ollie products.

If all of you social media gurus and marketing consultants are having trouble sleeping at night, too worried about your mediocre number of followers to fall into a deep sleep (by the way, if you have 100,000 followers and 99,000 of them are other marketers, it doesn’t count) the Twitter Bird Plush Toy is ready and willing (whether it wants to be or not) to coddle you and your networking woes into a state of unconsciousness so deep that even a follow from Shaq couldn’t wake you.

Custom plush toy maker Crefun created this 3D version of the Twitter bird. Standing 8 inches tall, you can make a bid on eBay for this custom-made, one-of-a-king logo plushy. The current price is hovering comfortably at $12.90, but the next minimum bid is $13.40. I refuse to propagate the spread of stolen goods. Crefun are intellectual property thieves and do not deserve your money. Check out Iconfactory’s store for official Ollie merchandise.

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  1. That’s specifically based on the logo for Twitterrific, a popular Twitter client, not the official Twitter mascot.

  2. Point is, unless they got permission from The Iconfactory, which guards its IP pretty carefully, this is a copyright violation. Adorable, but still not cool.

  3. Worst Twitterrific ripoff ever.

  4. I hope the folks behind Twitterrific sue someone’s ass off.

  5. An completely unauthorized knock-off of our Twitter mascot, Ollie from Twitterrific to be sure. If people are interested in purchasing an official Ollie collectible, we hope they’ll head here:

  6. Thievery. Knock-off of Ollie, the mascot for the Twitterrific app, not for Twitter itself.

  7. Thanks for doing the right thing, Andrew!

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