Strange Weather Around Saturn

There has been some curious weather going on ’round Saturn’s way over the past few days. First NASA’s Cassini probe made the discovery that Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, is experiencing a significant rain event. Yes, rain. But it’s not raining water (or chocolate) on Titan — it’s raining methane. This shows that Titan, like Earth, has seasonal shifts that change the weather patterns.

Of course these seasons are difficult to see without patience, as Saturn takes twenty-nine years to orbit the Sun.

Speaking of Saturn, take a good look at this image:

See the northern hemisphere of the planet, and that whiteness that makes the planet look like it’s glowing? That’s from the lightning being generated by what is being dubbed as a “Serpent Storm,” a giant storm system that makes its way around 100-degrees of Saturn’s northern hemisphere. This storm has grown to, at times, cover 2/3rds of the hemisphere and has been raging since December 2010.

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