Stop yo snoring, fo realz


Many home remedies and crappy products claim to cure the age old annoyance of snoring. Most of these products are more comparable to a drill with a low battery. The sound is still there, just dulled. The SnoreStopper claims to cure all of your snoring ills without the use of weird looking face masks or nose clips.

The SnoreStopper is worn on the wrist, much like your average wrist watch, and uses the power of holistic acupuncture massage. Using special built-in bio-sensors, the SnoreStopper can sense when you start to snore, at which point it sends a pulse of acupuncture therapy through your wrist to relieve your muscles, with the goal to teach your body to have relaxed muscles at all times during your sleep. They seem to be pretty confident about their product. They offer a 30-day cash back guarantee. Available now for $80. — Andrew Dobrow

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