Stick That iPod Where The Sun Don’t Shine!

I don’t own an iPod Shuffle and at this point, I should really get one for jogging and riding my bike. I’d get an arm-band for my 30GB 5G iPod but let’s get real and agree that they’re retarded-looking. You could even say they make you look “full retard.”� So with those options out, what’s a guy to do?

Try iStik. Stupid name, great idea – unless you’re wearing a pacemaker. Using neodymium magnets and a plastic casing, you essentially slide the magnets under your shirt and place the case on the outside. Opposites attract and presto – you’ve got yourself a wearable iPod case. Right now, iStik is available for the iPod Nano for $25, so I’ll leave it up to you to decide if it’s worth the cash. For $25 more, you can score a Shuffle!

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  1. Not sure why that’s a stupid name, it does what it says. It sticks! iLikeit when things are a no brainer.

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