Spray Paint Pillows Show Off Your Artsy Side


I don’t know what it is but there is something in the air that has sprung up a whole new trend of graffiti and tagging. Maybe it’s the nice weather or maybe I’ve just been letting the spray paint vapor from my nightly vandalism spree get to me. Anyhow, these stylish Spray Paint Can Pillows, designed by New York based street artist Stash and Bape, are the perfect cusion for resting your knees on when attempting to reach those ultra-low places on the wall you’re tagging.

Sorry kids, the huffing vapors aren’t included but real cans are easily obtained from your local hardware store! Just remember to use adult supervision. Each pillow measures 30″ long and will sell for $100 a pop. You can also catch a glimpse of them at the “Tools of the Trade” Art Exhibition at the Bape Gallery in NYC.

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  1. i love these i wanna get a coulpe do you have green and dark purple?

  2. great pillows!
    Regards Janet Gify

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