Spiderbrace Video Camera Stabilizer for the budding movie director


The Spiderbrace Camera Stabilizer is a nice alternative for movie making novices who don’t yet feel the need spending their lifetime savings on the proper camera gear. Camera stabilization is a key factor to a movies aesthetics, and the Spiderbrace is an effective solution.

The Spiderbrace distributes the weight of a camera through out your body instead of laying most of the weight on your shoulders. The handlebars ensure that all the brunt is not localized, but shared evenly through the upper torso, making a steady shot a much easier action. Not only are you allowed the mobility that a tripod doesn’t accommodate, but for a low price and with correctly angled handlebars. Not something that looks like it was made from the remnants of a trash dump. The Spiderbrace is available for $70 — Andrew Dobrow

Product Page [Spiderbrace, via Cool Tools]

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  1. I’ve got to say that the Spiderbrace is a decent unit. However, the Steadybrace (www.steadybrace.com) beats it hands down.

    I also would recommend that you stick to two handle braces. I’ve got a couple of single handle units such as the VZ1 Shooter and the Steadybrace (and even Spiderbrace) beat them hands down at 1/5 the price!

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