Space Diving: The 2500 MPH extreme sport


You and your chicken shit sky diving just got a new competitor as most extreme of the extreme sports. By 2009, we might see Space Diving added to the X-Games line of competitive extremities. It is currently in the works for a huge 120,000 ft free fall from the outer limits of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Eventually researchers hope to reach the goal of diving from a height of 150 miles. Something like this wouldn’t only benefit thrill seekers, but would give astronauts an escape route if something were to go wrong. So, even if there was a “Houston, we have a problem” event, space explorers would have a means of returning to Earth safely. During the fall, a special drogue chute would open when nearing the dense atmosphere, so that the velocity wouldn’t incinerate you. It all seems mighty dangerous. — Andrew Dobrow


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