Sony’s New Cell Phones Stink…Like Apple Pie?


Sony’s new DoCoMo SO703i may come with GPS, TV, and music player functions, but what’s really interesting about these phones has nothing to do with the specifications. That distinction goes to the fact that one sniff of your phone could make you think about lunch. That’s right, the DoCoMo SO703i is available in 11 unique scents, like “apple pie” for instance. These scents are made possible by a replaceable strip located near the hinge. Each strip lasts for about 3 months, after which you can choose to replace it with any of the other available fragrances.

Is it a gimmick? Yes it is. But history has shown that gimmicks will move product. Unfortunately, those of us outside of Japan probably won’t have the honor of being duped by the DoCoMo SO703i anytime soon. More images are available after the break.




—Sean Fallon

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