Sony’s iPod dock sadly has a size 14 footprint

sony ipod dock

Sony made a product for the iPod? Whoa, did you see that sheep just fall from the sky? No? Oh, well, I guess the world isn’t coming to an end, and Sony really did just release an iPod Docking Station. The CPF-IP001 iPod Docking Station blasts your music at a pretty small size with its 2 15-watt tweeters and its 15-watt sub. What is nice about this is not that it blends with the iPod style, the big thing is that it has a relatively low profile. At least the speakers do. Just take a look at that power adapter and that whole idea of a small footprint just went out of the window… Too bad, Sony really had me there for a second. Anyways, this dock will run you about $250. A premium cost, but you are getting a pretty big sound for its size. –Nik Gomez

Sony releases iPod Docking Station [via UberGizmo]

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