Sony shows 1cm thin fully-assembled HD OLED displays


sony oled


We’ve seen OLED around for ages, but we have never seen them really mass-marketed to substitute LCDs, they’re only found on the external screens of certain mobile phones, or small digital audio devices. Sony is keeping us drooling at again by showing fully-assembled 1cm thin OLED displays at CES this year, the largest one measuring 27″ diagonally, with a resolution of 1920×1080. Brightness peaks at 600cd/sqm, contrast at 1million:1, color is at 10bit RGB and the range is larger than that of NTSC gamut area supposedly. Again, these are all prototypes and there’s no word on market availability. Sharp next door is doing a much better job, as their 108″ LCDs will actually go on sale this summer. — Sam Chan

Sony at CES [Impress Japan]

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